Now You Can Have Your dental insurance for seniors Done Safely

Health care reform plans agent Commission’s and agent links Delta dental insurance for seniors is quality dental insurance for individuals and families you Delta Dental has been rated a excellent  by AMF for years as an agent and trusted advisor of your client you can move with confidence that you are providing a solid superior plan backed by a solid superior carrier it is worth noting that most fortune companies in Minnesota are enrolled in our group plans and Delta is also the largest benefits provider in the nation Delta Dental in Minnesota Nebraska and North Dakota is like Grandma and apple pie so you go hand-in-hand together Delta dental PPO and premier network make up the nation’s largest network of our power smile 

HC RC plans we take pride in the quality of service we provide and this is translated into the statistics that you see here now we’re coming to good stuff because commissions are now  available to the Delta appointed producers and agents on individual sales all individual sales earns you % commissions in Minnesota North Dakota and Nebraska appointed brokers will now receive dedicated links for all quoting  and enrolling into the Delta Dental power of smile in singular plans and I’m not sure if you’re aware of this but the agent selling Delta Dental have been required to complete new universal Delta agent contracting forms and it’s an  online appointment what you want to do you can go to these links to fill out that appointment

The reason that the new appointment is required is because the Commission’s piece the addendum for individual and the vision are included  with the new contracting and that’s the only way that you’ll get your dedicated link to enroll your clients online is to fill out your your new appointment paperwork and if you have any questions you can call us at eek Westen’s you might have on the plans enrollments  links and so you know all over here all of us here are licensed agents and I’m very happy to assist you so don’t be afraid to give us a call let’s tap briefly on the market potential for individual dental and what this can do for you and your book of business the number of individuals looking for and in  need of dental insurance include the self-employed uninsured part-time worker unemployed retiree Medicare young adults coming off parents insurance and the underserved