Some point here alright  AMERITAS DENTAL we’ll come to the next County meeting  and it’s in Scottsville make sure it is like April something in Scottsdale and you come down here and and I’ll we’ll  meet at the bar and we’ll drink until.

I know everything something a perfect night name alright buddy have a rockin  good day oh yeah  what we’re going to do today is on that upper left area where you came in their complaint that you had a bridge that’s  loose but we took an X right here Ralph and you can see.

That some areas in a bridge where  AMERITAS DENTAL  it’s potentially broken and the bridge is about years old but somehow someway the bridge worked itself loose so what we’re going to do today is I’m going to remove the bridge check.

The area underneath it make sure that the  teeth are healthy if there’s any decay or any problems with it and we’ll talk about it but ideally what we want to do is rebuild the teeth up so that we can put a new bridge on it and it’s not very  hard very straightforward and what we can do now for you unlike years ago is your new bridge.

We’ll make it out of all it’s called an all ceramic bridge where they’ll actually use a digital model that can  help fabricate the bridge so it’s much more accurate than it was back then and by having that that sometimes allows.

You to have a bridge that seals better and you have potentially less leakage or things like that to happen underneath  okay all right so letting you back here while we do this I want to look good why are you doing this on my fans on the Internet let’s see all these dental procedures.

That went that’s right because I didn’t take care of my teeth when I was younger and older  okay so let’s take a look here and let me just show you immediate score on this now Ralph’s already been numbed up here.

If you look at his bridge in the back you can see where it’s broke right here and you can see here here where it lifts up so the brand has worked loose okay  and this is a four-unit bridge so it goes from here one two three four teeth so it’s still attached up here.

But we got to take this off so rather than trying to tap this off I’m just going to I’m just going to section this bridge right here so that you can get it off without damaging his teeth  there’s a little bit to the right Cheers get more :