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Teeth Whitening kit it comes through a third-party  vendor but if your claims are going through Patterson and not say stasis or  Renaissance or any of those other third parties if you’re sending your claims  through Patterson there’s something Teeth Whitening kit time services real time eligibility alright real time claims.

Low Cost Teeth Whitening Kit

Dental Whitening Priority and  then when I say Patterson if you’re  having your claims process through Patterson you’re being built by  so you can see your claims pretty much as they get processed you can see that.

  • The  claim has been accepted and you can see the status of the claim it’s it’s fantastic service I mean it’s probably  less than $ a month I think it was the last time I checked and it gives you real-time data,
  • About your claims or about the eligibility of your patients I  mean I I don’t have a client who doesn’t have it I think it’s one of the best features if there is nothing yeah okay great well I’m glad.
Teeth Whitening kit

Teeth Whitening kit

  • Too somebody asked that because  this ties back to our claim payer ID because your claim payer ID has to be correct it allowed her to do that if you look at this claim payer ID and you see.
  • This one is blank that means Teeth Whitening kit  I  don’t have a claim pair ID for this which means it will not go electronically there is also a generic of six one two six a ID you can.
  • The claim payer ID so that it will go electronically but it’s  like putting nine nine nine nine nine for somebody’s social security number it is a generic and it will actually generate a paper claim.
  • From the Clearinghouse and in some cases you may be charged an extra amount of money in order to process that claim so I see a  lot of offices that have that oh six one two six in their.
  • List and yes it works and yes your claim will go out but you may be slowing down your claim