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dental insurance texas is use without any following or monitoring you follow upward monetary and so they made that decision dental insurance texas based on morals and ethics of fluoridation also on the economics of it as well okay interesting so.

The moral side of mass medicating can you can you explain what you mean and how how fluoride in the water because most people wouldn’t think of fluoride in the water is mass medication so tell us about.

  • That well fluoride is technically and according to number of scientific agencies the United States and medication
  • because you’re using it to prevent a disease which is dental caries so it’s it’s not a nutrient it’s not.
  • A matter it’s not a vitamin it’s not a supplement it’s not certified under any of those categories it’s not categorized or certified under.
  • a food so what is it well it’s one of the most toxic elements on the planet and it’s it’s just put into our .

Water to decrease caries and cavities supposedly so so it doesn’t fit in the context of nutrient or mineral or vitamin or anything .

The body really needs in particular incidental offices in sort of a medical type of way so this is why we talk about it as medical medicating people on a mass level and as you say on being able to track really

The consequences of the loss of medication and that’s a concern so it certainly is a medication in that sense and it’s been the Supreme Court of Canada in the s deemed it to be a medicine and that’s never been refuted so.

I mean what else can you call it you’re using it to treat a medical problem right makes sense so that raised the issue of the cavities and I know that that is one of the arguments being put forward at the moment is .

That since they took it out of the water that childhood cavities have increased and that’s one of the main arguments for bringing it back in is the poor kids you know we need to make sure their thirteenth are taken care of so you.

Know what’s going on there what’s the truth of that situation well we absolutely have to make sure that they’re the poor kids are taken care of and their dental health is very important it’s an important part of

Their overall health but we’ve been misled by the pro fluoridation is anybody press as well unfortunately we may as well now get into the infamous.